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About AW Process
AW Process was founded in March 2011 to serve the Industrial Markets in Florida & the Caribbean.   Being based in Lakeland, FL we have quick access to our customers to provide on site support.  We pride ourselves in selling the right equipment for the right process.  

We appreciate getting to know our customers personally, so that we may form a long term relationship, in order to help improve your productivity and save you money.  We are here to help you reach your companies goals!

Unlike some other companies we are based here in FL summer & winter.

Andy Woodford
Owner - Sales, South, Pan Handle & Caribbean.

Andy is from England and has lived in the US since 2001.  

He has been in Materials Handling for over 25 years and specializes in Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveying, and Material Processing.  

Committed to helping our customers achieve their goals
Mike Hood - Sales - North

(352) 584 - 6449

Mike has spent most of his career in the cement industry and is an expert on the maintenance side.  

He covers the area north of I4 and handles some of our project work.